Technical Information

Technical information:

  • Our cakes are sliced to 12 or 14 slices;
  • Slices are waxed
  • The cakes are 20cm in diameter
  • Sheet cakes are cut to 40- 48-50 or 80 pieces ( In case of 80 pice-cut, slices are not waxed)
  • Our macarons are available in 30-piece boxes
  • All products are packed in cardboard boxes

Your benefits of using our frozen desserts

  • Always fresh!
  • Constant great quality
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Easy to handle- we slice and wax our cakes
  • A comfort product- just need to be thawed and it’s ready to be served
  • Safe- our desserts can be stored up to 12 months frozen, and they are fresh up to 5 days after they are thawed
  • Plannable stocks
  • Cost-effective solution